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Welcome to the new MARSTA Photography website. After what seems like such a long time, my new website is live and online. It wasn't easy to get it to what you see in front of you right now. There were numerous hurdles over the planning, development and implementation stages. But I am so glad it is finally online.

The idea for this website started many years ago when I went back to study at University. I'd seen the numerous photographic agencies and how they have put their archive online and each photo could be searched down to specific keywords. There were numerous websites that offered this for photographers, but me being the perfectionist I am, I didn't really find one that suited me and my needs. I wanted to have control over the look. I found a photographic archive software that suited the functions I needed, but the design was not up to modern standards.

So I went to work finding a suitable responsive website template that I could use as the front-end whilst using this photographic archive software in the back-end. This meant merging the two together to give you what you see now. There were many nights spent being frustrated at not getting the both of them to work together. Some functions didn't work they way I wanted and had to make some concessions as to what I could realistically implement.

As the start of 2020 rolled in, I made it a resolution to get this website up and running for 2020. Then as we all know, 2020 changed and we were all suddenly somewhat forced to stay inside, not go anywhere and work from home. My day job was in an industry that was severely hit by the restrictions, so I was stood down for some time and then ultimately went back to work on limited hours. This extra time that I had I knew it was perfect to really get this website finished and finally launched.

I have put alot of effort into this site, and hopefully it was worth it. The reason I wanted to get it online is that I take alot of pride in my work that I did over the years as a motorsport photogrpaher. I look back at my photos and enjoy them immensely. I hope that those competitors I photographed over the years that are now visiting this website have some of that enjoyment, and will find a photo that maybe they did not know existed and are able to reminisce and share those memories with others.

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Marcel is the Owner/Operator of MARSTA Photography. He has had a passion for motorsport since he was a kid. He developed his interest in photography when he was a teenager, and shortly after that he combined the two. Marcel is based out of Melbourne, Australia.