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Everything you need to know about MARSTA Photography

Why choose Us.

Hopefully just by viewing and browsing this website will be enough to convince you to choose as having a visually appealing website was the core goal. It then allows us to showcase our archive in the best possible light, leading to a pleasant experience.

Our Mission.

To provide high quality motorsport photographs that also have a visually unique and artistic feel and look to them whilst also being at an affordable price. The success of this website will allow us to continue this mission for future motorsport events.

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Marcel Stawiczny

Marcel set up MARSTA Photography back in 2003 when he was just 17 and still at high school. He was an passionate motorsport fan and wanted to combine the two. So he would just attend local motorsport events taking photos learning what he could.

It was not until 2008, after two years of studying a Diploma Of Photography, that he really kicked things off and decided to do photography full-time. He attended as many local motorsport events as he could whilst working his day job so he could get to the race tracks on the weekend. He did this for six years until in 2014 he decided to go to University to study Accounting.

This website contains the searchable archive of his work from all those years he was active (plus some more from recent years). He aims to get back into what he simply enjoys doing, which is taking motorsport photographs in his own special and unique way.